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Case Ready Meats

Affiliated Foods Inc. purchased a meat processing company in Amarillo, Texas, near our main warehouse, that we recently moved into earlier this year.  
This allows Affiliated Foods to do case-ready beef, pork and chicken for our retailers. As a producer of fresh cut meats, we will be packaging chicken, pork and beef, boxing it and slotting it in the warehouse. One of the biggest advantages for Affiliated buying the existing company are the talented employees currently working there, that will continue to work there!
With this addition purchased, Affiliated Foods Inc. can now offer a case-ready program to our members. Now members can order pork chops, ground beef, chuck roast, chuck steaks, marinated chicken and more. 
While being proactive to help our members, all they have to do is put a price on it and put it in a case. No labor involved on the retailers part. The purchase allows the smaller independent grocer and the rural area grocer, that are struggling to find any meat cutters or even a meat department, a quality answer to choose.  

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